On this page I will describe all my side projects because “If it’s not documented it’s not done” 🙂 I will stress on the challenges I met and their solutions.
Feel free to comment and suggest ideas!

Switcher – A WiFi Open Source Power Switch

USB HID Traffic Lights Device with PIC18 Microcontroller

Simple USB HID device for displaying the status of codeline builds

Watering Flowers with ESP8266

Simple use of the ESP8266-01 module to automate basically everything.

Running the Raspberry Pi on Solar Power

How to run the Raspberry Pi on Battery and Solar Energy

Send and Receive SMS Messages Using Raspberry Pi and Python

How to send and receive SMS messages with Raspberry Pi and 3g modem

Communicating with tmp102 Sensor Over I²C Using PIC MCU and Assembly – Part 1

This article describes how the I²C interface works

Communicating with tmp102 Sensor Over I²C Using PIC MCU and Assembly – Part 2

This article describes how to communicate over I²C interface using a PIC microcontroller

Digital Thermometer with PIC16 MCU and TMP102 or TCN75 Sensors

How I built a TMP102 based digital thermomether

Implementing Password Reset Agent for SAP Identity Management Lotus Notes Connector (External Link)


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  1. About the switcher
    I want to reproduce your project. The problem is that I am a beginner
    I do compile lightsSwitch.ino but no success received
    Error WiFiConfiguration.h: No such file or directory
    Please help

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